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Whether you just want a little extra walking around money or you want to replace your income, this is for you!

Income Potential:

​With the It Works! compensation plan, you have the ability to earn money daily, weekly, and monthly (and bonuses on top of that)!

Work from anywhere:

​You're already spending time online on social media so you might as well get paid for it! Enjoy the freedom of being able to work anywhere you get cell service.

No experience necessary:

Never done anything like this before? That's OK! Don't write yourself off simply because it's new. Our team provides all the tools, training, and support you need from the moment you sign up.​

NOT SURE IF IT'S FOR YOU? No problem! Click below to fill out a questionnaire to see if you'd be a good fit




If you've found yourself here, take it as a sign that THIS is what you've been looking for, what you've been PRAYING for. It was for me and this is my story...


I’m Amy! Before I started this online gig I was a typical 9-5 (actually more like 8-6:30 then work more at home...) punch the clock gal. You know, “the DREAM!” The thing was, I knew it was the sort of job everyone wanted but I HATED it! Office drama, not being paid for my efforts, always having to ask for time off, stress, having ZERO time for my was literally sucking the life out of me. The worst part of it all was that we were STILL living pay check to pay check, praying the gas in the car would last one more day until we got paid so we could put $20 to it, cringing every time we would check out at the grocery store unsure if our card would be declined...

I thought to myself, "why torture myself at a job I hated that wasn't even helping us get ahead?" SO I QUIT! With nothing to fall back on financially, I just quit and let me tell ya, IT. FELT. GOOD! As good as it felt to leave the reality was things were already tighter than tight financially so without my income things were only going to be harder. The bills started to pile up, my husband and I fought more and more and blamed each other for the mess we were in. It was really hard and painful.


Then came the day...I’ll never forget. It was the day I had had enough. I got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and I broke down from the weight of it all. I literally fell to my knees in tears praying for a way out, for SOMETHING to get us out of the hole we were in.


The tears and overwhelming emotion left as quickly as it came on after that moment. I got up off the floor, wiped my tears and went about my day. It was that afternoon that I heard about this company for the first time.


I jumped on board without thinking twice but ONLY because I wanted the products for myself! I had NO idea at all what I was getting myself into or what it was even all about, I had zero experience and I even had to borrow the money to start. I didn’t tell my husband because when I mentioned the products his response was “Don’t waste money we don’t have on something that won’t work!” (Oops!) 


That night I decided I should learn a little about what I had signed on for and that was the moment it hit me! It was as if God Himself said to me "this is the answer to your prayers." I think I stayed up for the better part of the night watching story after story of how countless people changed not only their own lives but the lives of countless others. It was a life change that was so much more than money, it was growth as people and parent and getting to OWN YOUR TIME. 


That was the day my life changed. The day I realized that life is fleeting and I want to spend mine with my children and helping as many people as I can. Since that day, this business has given me a chance to stay home with my kids without the worry and stress of if we’d have enough. It’s helped me recognize the limiting beliefs and lies we tell ourselves and accept as truth and change them so I can grow as a person. It's given me a more positive and hopeful perspective on life all together AND it’s allowed me to give back in ways I only ever dreamed of doing before. 


Dreams are no longer just dreams! I have been blessed with a vehicle to make all my dreams become a reality and that’s what I want for you.


You have my permission to DREAM BIG! Bigger then ever before! 


You deserve more 💕


Here are a handful of things you’ll learn when to become a partner:


  • How to leverage social media to earn an income.

  • How to organically grow your social media accounts.

  • How to lead a team

  • How to use IG, FB, TikTok, and Pinterest to gain leads


Ask yourself these question:

"What do I want for my life?" If your answer is  "MORE" (time, money, freedom...) than YOU, my friend, are in the right place. Click the below and let's change your life together!


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