Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try
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Your hard work and accomplishments should be celebrated

Current Clients! 

We want you to share your weekly success stories with the rest of the Foss Fitness family! Your story might be featured here, on our blog, and/or our Facebook page.. you never know who you'll inspire!

 Share Your Success. Inspire Others.

Somewhere someone is struggling with their health and fitness. They might have the same goal as you, or they might have felt the same way as you have. Simply knowing that someone else has been through it and came out successful on the other side can be all it takes to inspire motivation and bring about positive change.


 What's A Success Story?

It's more than just amazing before and after photos. The road to better health and fitness can be a long one, that it will be filled with many successes as you go. Success can be: remembering to submit daily food logs, changing just one behavior, completing your first push up, switching from white bread to whole wheat. Those might not seem like a big deal to some, but for those of us living it, we know that that it is!

Our clients experience successes every week


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