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individual personal training

Individual Personal Training at FFME means you work one-on-one with a certified personal trainer. You don't have private access to our studio, another client could be having an individual session of their own with another trainer at the same time. Your individual training sessions are completely centered around you, your current level of fitness, and the goals you'd like to get out of working with a personal trainer.


Each FFME client starts by having a consultation, followed by starting measurements, a physical assessment, desired goals, and general paperwork. This provides us with all of the information needed to create a customized exercise program appropriate for the client in order to help them reach their goals.


Each client is required to sign a package agreement an waiver prior to the start of exercise.


Check out some testimonials and the success stories clients have experienced by training with us by clicking here.

Semi Private

Semi-Private training

Semi-Private Training at FFME means you and up to three other individuals work with a certified personal trainer in a small group setting. Each participant starts out the way an individual client would: with starting measurements, a physical assessment, general paperwork and ideal goals. Each participant is required to sign their own client agreement and waiver prior to participation.


Your semi-private training sessions take each participant's goals into account, so the time is not dedicated to one person in particular but rather the group. Semi-private training works best for people with similar levels of fitness as well as similar goals. Couples, family members, and friends have all participated in semi-private training with us and have been successful.


One of the biggest considerations to semi-private training is scheduling. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your partner(s) can meet together for 45-minutes during our business hours at least twice per week.

  • What is Personal Training?
    Personal training is one-on-one or small group fitness coaching tailored to the individual(s) being coached. Personal trainers demonstrate and instruct individuals on how to perform goal-oriented exercises safely, for the maximum health benefits. Personal trainers push and motivate the individual to not only meet their goals but reach beyond them.
  • Do I need to be fit to work with a personal trainer?
    No. Personal training is for any individual at any fitness level who has goals they’d like to meet. Our trainers work with individuals to create an exercise regimen appropriate for their fitness level to meet their desired goals. Getting fit by working with a personal trainer is the desired outcome.
  • Will my trainer yell at me?
    No. This is personal training not the marines. You should expect your trainer to cue you for movement, correct form, motivate and encourage you to try your best and give it everything you’ve got because that’s the point. If you’re training at FFME it’s because you’ve decided to put in the work to get fit and that IS our main objective and we WILL push you to push yourself.
  • Do I need a doctor's note to work with a personal trainer?
    If your doctor has not “prescribed” (as in, told you to get) exercise then there are certain risk factors such as Diabetes or history of heart disease, for example, that could require a doctor’s note prior to the start of exercise creation and implementation. If you do not meet any of the risk factors then a doctor’s consent is not required. Needing a doctor's note is determined during the consultation.
  • What should I wear?
    Wear exercise appropriate clothing and bring sneakers to change into once in the studio. Exercise clothes such as yoga pants, shorts, running shorts, tights and dry-fit tops allow you to move and bend freely, are not constrictive to movement or breathing, and wisk away sweat better. No street shoes. No wet shoes. No jeans.
  • Do I need to bring anything else with me?
    We provide the workout and the equipment/sweat towel. If you have a favorite mat or sweat towel that you love to use, you’re welcome to bring it, otherwise just bring water to stay hydrated and a positive attitude! We have a water dispenser if you need to refill a water bottle. If you have medical needs and have supplies for those needs, such as an inhaler, then bring along any medical supplies you require should you need them in case of an emergency.
  • Do you have a shower/locker room?
    We have a changing room and a separate bathroom. There are hooks for coats, sweatshirts, and personal belongings can stay in the changing room. There is no shower in the studio.
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