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Group Training

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we will not be offering in-person group training classes until further notice. We hope to resume group training later in 2021. Thank you for understanding.

Everyone needs at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. Not everyone needs one-on-one coaching. Our group training packages are designed for any individual looking for an energizing and challenging workout in an extremely positive and accepting environment. Each class is designed with functional movement at its core. Our class offerings include Full Body Function, and Iyengar Yoga.

We welcome all fitness levels. Instructors can modify exercises as needed so you can work at your pace and still be challenged. Click below to learn more about our classes and the benefits of group exercise.

Group Training Benefits

Build muscle and gain strength

Improves heart health

Maintain healthy weight

Increase stamina and endurance

Increase awareness

Social support

Increase flexibility and mobility

Maintain healthy metabolism

Essential life skills

Group Class: Abs
Yoga Class
Group Class
Yoga Mats
Group Training Group Photo
Group Training Abs
Pilates Stretches
Group Training in Action

Yoga Instructor

Lindsay Buteau

A little bit about Lindsay's path to instructing

I started a teacher training program in 2014 only to deepen my practice. After about a year, I found that the desire and poise to teach came quite naturally to me, so I shifted my focus from just observing to becoming an active participant. From there I began assisting my mentor in class, and teaching a group of finance co-workers at IDEXX, as well as teaching many family and friends.


Throughout 2017 I dedicated several hours a week studying for assessment. The assessment itself is a two-to-three-day endeavor. This involves a 30-minute pranayama demonstration (breath work), a two-and-a-half-hour asana demonstration, and a two-hour written examination that tested techniques of poses, knowledge of reading required from philosophical and practical texts, and knowledge on how to provide a safe environment and modifications for students with basic physical issues (knee pain, injury, pregnancy, etc.).


Finally, candidates are given six poses to teach to a group of volunteer students in a 40-minute time frame. This allows the assessors to watch the candidate address a class, give a demonstration of poses, and teach the poses in an acceptable manner.

Yoga Teacher
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