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Strong Like a Girl

21-day online fitness program

This program allows you to develop an exercise routine and better nutrition habits without a major time commitment.

With the current state of the world exercise is

Registration is now open and closes August 17, 2016.

There are 21 spots in this affordable program for 21 women looking to improve their lives and health.

Women-only programs typically sell out quickly.

Sign up now to make sure you're one of the lucky 21.

21-Days To A Stronger You

If you're a tough woman but haven't been feeling as such then this starter program is for you.

For ONLY $99 we'll guide you as you tap into your inner strength to let loose the badass you are.

What's Included

Consultation - 30 minutes

- Meet the Foss Fitness ME trainers

- Tour the studio

- Starting stats

- Discussion of goals

9 Group Sessions 

- 3 in-person women only group sessions per week

- 45-minute training sessions, convenient for any schedule

- Blend of cardio and full body movement based therapy

- Fun, fast-paced, dynamic sessions

6 Do-Anywhere Cardio Routines 

- 2 cardio routines per week to build new habits

- 30-minutes only, convenient for any schedule

- Maintains heart health and burns fat

Nutrition Assistance & Education

- Reference materials

- Learn how to build a balanced plate of food

- Know your caloric intake needs

Why You Want It

Why this is cool

This is time allows us to meet before getting sweaty! We use this time to discuss what you'd like to accomplish, and cover any questions you might have. We will identify your physical starting point to be sure you're working safely.

Why this is awesome

This is where you shine. These sessions will challenge and transform you. Completing one session immediately improves your health and quality of life by allowing you to build muscle and jumpstart your metabolism. You'll learn movement you can do from anywhere for lasting results.

Why this is also awesome

Cardiovascular exercise not only makes our heart stronger, but it's also necessary in order to burn fat (which you can do easier with the muscle you gain from the group sessions). We provide you with a simple cardio routine to complete in the comfort of your own home!

Don't diet, eat balanced instead

Nutrition is the foundation of health. It can be difficult to get this part right so that it compliments the physical work rather than sabotage it. Empower yourself to make better food choices.

That's right. All that for ONLY $99!

Stronger you
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