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"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people"

-Steve Jobs

Join the Foss Fitness Family

The Future of Fitness

As fitness professionals, we have a deep understanding of how regular exercise and a balanced diet can be life-changing. In fact, you might be a fitness professional because exercise has changed your life and you want to pay it forward.


At Foss Fitness ME we're passionate about fitness because we know first hand how the benefits improve and even save lives. We strive to help everyday Mainers improve their quality of life through exercise and proper nutrition regardless of age, gender or current physical ability.

What We're Looking For

We expect every member of the Foss Fitness family to genuinely be driven by helping others improve their lives through exercise and nutrition. We work as individuals and as a team so it's important that all team members have a strong work ethic and identify themselves as self-starters.


Since we work directly with people, often in vulnerable states, it's crucial to have above par social and communication skills.

The Culture of Foss Fitness

Our studio culture stands on the foundation of honesty and integrity, bravery and courage, and optimism and positivity. Through these core values, we've created a company where staff and clients feel at home, safe, and supported.


Aside from all of the wonderful benefits of exercise, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of positivity and laughter. Having fun and creating lifelong friendships is something all staff can expect.

Current Openings


Administrative Assistant - Part Time


Role Mission:

To complete the day to day tasks that keep the office running smoothly and chaos free allowing for an exceptional client experience.

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Personal Fitness Trainer - Part Time


Role Mission:

To provide an elite personal training experience that delivers measurable results to clients, while developing a strong sense of community, and creating raving fans of Foss Fitness ME.

This is an independent contractor position.

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