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Do It Works! Body Wraps Really Work?

Over the years you might have seen or heard of "these crazy wraps," either at table events or all over your FaceBook newsfeed (before/after result photos) but do these wraps actually work? I tried them to find out once and for all. Here's my story.

We here at FFME are very careful when it comes to promoting, or even suggesting, the use of any one product. We try to be as conscience of what we put in and on our own bodies as much as we can. If there’s a product out there we wouldn’t personally use, then it’s not something we would recommend to our clients. When we were initially introduced to It Works! and their “crazy wraps” our first thought was, Yeah right! what’s this little piece of cloth going to do? Our next thought was about who was introducing It Works! to us. A person who, like us, is very particular about what’s in the products she puts on her skin, or consumes. We were willing to give It Works! the benefit of the doubt and listen to her, and we’re so glad we did.

“It Works! wraps are botanically infused non-woven cloth wraps designed to firm, tone, and tighten the skin in those problem areas” she told us. I have two children, and I most definitely have skin that has lost elasticity, so admittedly, I was intrigued by the thought that something so simple could do what it claimed. It had to be too good to be true. I’ve tried other products in the past so I could make sound recommendations to my clients, “yes, use that, it’s safe,” or “no, don’t waste your money on those!” (don’t waste you money on Hot Shapers). I wouldn’t know unless I tried it.

Before Wrap & Before Picture

I sucked up the embarrassment of showing my midsection, covered by the aftermath of carrying children. Loose, flappy, wrinkled skin that endless crunches still hadn’t gotten rid of, would now be exposed for the dreaded before picture. Much like it is for our clients, the picture was taken quickly and I got wrapped up.

It was a freakishly simple process consisting of opening the pouch and placing the cloth lotion-side down on the part of the body you’ve decided to treat, then smoothing it out with your hands. As directed, I wore the wrap for 45 minutes and while it did its thing, my senses were seriously confused. Is it warming? Is it cooling? I don’t know but it feels good! Once the time was up, I quickly took off the wrap for my after photo. Once it was taken, I put the two pictures side by side and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. My skin really did look tighter! I then wanted to see the whole treatment through to the end (1 treatment is 4 wraps and only takes a week and a half to complete).

After photos for whole treatment (4 wraps)

Top left first wrap, top right, second wrap, bottom left third wrap, bottom right fourth wrap

Top left first wrap, top right, second wrap, bottom left third wrap, bottom right fourth wrap

Now that I’ve completed my first treatment and have experienced great results, I feel completely comfortable recommending these wraps to my clients; many of which experience the same issues with their skin as they lose weight.

It Works! markets these wraps as a way to lose fat. I, however, am not going to do that. I believe that this product is a great ADDITION to your fitness regimen and is in NO WAY a replacement for healthy eating and regular exercise. It can definitely enhance what you’re already doing for quicker results, and who wouldn’t want that?

Some things to remember when wrapping:

- Water, water, water! Make sure you constantly hydrate while wrapping for best results

- It's not just for your belly! You can also wrap your neck, arms, thigh, and back

- The first wrap is only worn for 45 minutes, after that go crazy! Most people either sleep in their wrap or wear it to work

- Try not to shower or workout directly after wrapping. Let the lotiony goodness seep into your skin

- Consider your first wrap to be a sample. For best results, continue going through the whole treatment

- Take a before and after picture for each wrap, it’s the best way to see results. You will see results!

The next time you find yourself in need of quick results because of that wedding or vacation you’re going on, try adding wraps to your routine. You won’t be disappointed!

If you’d like more information or want to start a treatment then contact us today.


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