Food IS Fuel

A balanced diet. A raw diet. A fad diet. Avoid gluten. Avoid sugar. Go vegetarian. Don’t eat carbs and you’ll get skinny.

Remember when the big nutrition debate was as simple as whether or not butter vs. margarine was better? Today’s messaging has gotten so out of control that we seem to be more confused than ever about what foods we should or shouldn’t consume. It’s not just messaging from the media either. It’s our friends, families, and co-workers who also put ideas in our heads or influence us into changing our behaviors.

How about a new message; one that instead talks about how the body actually uses food to empower you to make the right choices for yourself? As far as our digestive process is concerned, it’s the energy and nutrients that make up the foods we eat that our bodies care about. Let’s start by discussing the energy requirements of the body, more commonly known as calories.

Calories are a unit of energy. They help us measure how much energy we’re consuming compared to how much we’re using. Everyone has a minimum number of calories they need to consume in order to just breathe and stay alive without even moving, eati